My kryptonite with writing front-end code is the need to do better. I’ve gotten carried away for four months making this custom WordPress theme perfect!


I think it’s time. has been in limbo long enough.

It might take me more time, but I want to renew my desire to publish here. The social media landscape, while convenient, is filling another medium that gets lost in a void.

It’s been a few years since I’ve written long-form stories and thoughts so this type of free writing will be rusty.

The good thing, however, is that there are new tools and communities out there to help me renew this space.

I also want to give more.
A photo gallery.
A portfolio.
A voice.

Let’s see what happens.


New design.
If you come visit my real site instead of reading this in your RSS feed reader, you’ll see my hair as of February 21st. I found a very minimalistic theme that looked great and modified it with my hair!

I think I’m gonna do a little more code play on this site, such as converting the front end code to HTML5 and adding some minimal javascript behaviors. Maybe I’ll get too busy, maybe I’ll go crazy, who knows. But this website kinda has no purpose right now except to archive my life.

So, for a quick update into Micah 2010:

  • January was my great depression. It was one of the worst months all around that I’ve had for years. Very depressing for some many reasons. Just a terrible month in general. Glad it’s behind me.
  • February is looking up but there’s still some reflections of January in the mirror. Not sure how to shake off this personal recession but time will take its toll.
  • I have started a new part-time contract job that makes me drive to Brentwood about 3 times a week. It’s a challenging web design job that will push my skills to their limits and force me to learn new languages. It’s a little overwhelming but a challenge I need to push myself through.
  • I also work with another graphic designer to help him with his new and existing clients. It’s not as much busy work as my part-timer but different challenges to overcome. I’m very lucky to be continuing a their part-time job which I’ve held since March 2005.
  • I have no news on the music front, sadly. I have a personal goal in the back of my mind to actually record something, anything, and publish it online. This has been the same story for nearly 10 years however. And being the musical perfectionist that I can be, I don’t know if I will fight my demons on this but feel free to leave your motivational comments.
  • For the first time my whole life, my dedicated DVD player is actually hooked up to my 27″ TV. I’ve never had this personally for myself as I’ve always relied on my computer’s DVD player or just downloaded shows/films online. It’s a nice little change!
  • Here are my travel goals this year: Moscow, London, Houston, and wherever my mother ends up being. As of right now, I have no travel plans and won’t make any anytime soon. Stability comes first, then travel.

2010 is shaping up to be a year of big changes and the most potential I’ve ever had.

digital disorientation

Why do I never feel accomplished anymore?

This year has felt like a never-ending work in progress. It usually feels like once I accomplish one thing, there’s still 100 more things that need to be accomplished. I feel like I have a ton of works in progress without any end in sight for some and a close finish for others. My head sometimes swirls at what the next task should be.

My desktop PC finally started taking a turn for the worst this year and I lived without Windows for close to 2 months. As much as I enjoy using OS X, it was torture to experience this since all of my personal files, email, etc. are stored on my desktop. So during those two months, I lived in anticipation. I was eagerly waiting for a time when my desktop would be completely up and running. This confirms why I can’t switch completely over to a Mac. It’s great but it doesn’t have what I need right now… yet.

I also started having phone troubles as well. My ringer stopped working, I couldn’t sync to and from my computers. Trying to do something became a chore sometimes when I had to wait for my technology to catch up to me. Right now, as I type, half of my personal photos are on one computer and half are on the other.

In the meantime, while I live through my own mental holocaust, I’ve kept myself busy keeping afloat with projects, work, and business opportunities. The horizon has potential but I need to get past this virtual hump as soon as possible.

This is the main reason why my website has no direction, no updates, and is halfway designed. I never really completed tweaking this design because many other things suddenly became more important. You can even see my Flickr account has gone untouched for nearly a year, when I came back from Moscow. Leaving these things in disarray is another form of madness I deal with, but at least I’m am not too obsessive about these things. I can live with it to a point.

Hopefully while I make slow but steady marks and knock out rebuilding my digital life, I can dedicate more time to this site. I miss expressing myself like I did when I first started this website. It’s amazing how far I’ve really come since 2002, when I started a little blog on

my cms is broken after updating! d’oh!

Fixed! Turns out the latest upgrade broke some javascript which was used for my editor. Here’s more information:

mini blog

I’ve added this new section called “asides”. It’s for posts that don’t need many words. That is all. :o)

bored with writing

Since my last post on Moscow, I though about writing the following topics:

  • St. Petersburg
  • 2009
  • web design galore
  • having no social life
  • wishing I didn’t have to submit my taxes or pay for car insurance

Since my last post, I’ve had no desire to sit down and write until this very moment.

You see, I’ve been busy. At least, I’ve kept myself busy with work. I’m not putting in 40 hours a week every week but I’m coming close to it.

As a freelance/contract/self-employed person who works 2 part-time jobs on the side, I work harder for my money than the average person.
I don’t clock in.
I don’t have water cooler chats with my coworkers.
I don’t have a boss peering over my shoulder
I’m my own boss and I call my own hours.

Writing, as I’ve said in the past, is tough for me. Creative writing is even more of a chore. I force myself to do it because it’s good for me and keeps you informed. I almost want to blame my lack of desire on my site’s design. I feel like this design is only half complete. Thinking about editing it makes me bored. So my site sits here and I don’t say much.

I remember when I first started writing on my site 7 years ago. It was much more frequent, it was exciting, and I generally felt as ease typing more than I do now.

Life has gotten the best of me lately, and I’m much less motivated to do certain things than I was before. Wax and wane I guess.

Since I’ve had no social life in January, February is stacking up to be much more productive in that way. I’ve planned a few trips and sacrificed going on others.

It’s going to be an interesting next few months. Maybe I’ll drop by a little more. Maybe I’ll even write a few more times a month.

i’m too quiet, but i’m busy

SupermanFor the last few weeks since I upgraded my site, updated my design, and “up, up, and away!”… Oops, lost track of my thought just now. Can you believe it’s been nearly two years since the latest Superman movie? And who knows when the next one will come out!

Back to my original thought, I’ve been getting some help from a couple of people trying to consolidate my site back to its original glory and I’m happy to note that I’m closer than ever! The first accomplishment was getting all my old comments and importing them into the site. I was lucky that I found someone who knew how to do it without too much effort! He then imported really old posts I made on another blogging system from 2002 to 2004 into my current site. I now have the long, tedious task of going through all my posts and tagging them, relinking, and cleaning up. Thanks Jay!

The other accomplishment is forwarding all my old posts. After reading this post I found from another valuable blog, I was determined to somehow forward all my old, outdated posts to match my new format on my new system. There are times where you can scour Google and it will still be linking to a post I made in another format that doesn’t exist anymore. Now the correct link will appear! After many back and forth emails with the author of the first post, we finally found the right solution with a custom mod_rewrite for me and so far, so good. I’m very grateful that random strangers with lots of knowledge will help me out. Thanks Matt!

So now, this site has every post I’ve ever made on my site since October 2002. Be sure to check ’em out!

Look, it’s Me!

Finally, after almost a month of absence, I have a website back up. I hope that this jump starts my redesign, but who knows what’ll happen because my schedule is crazy right now. But, it’s nice to be back up and running.

During the month of absence, I have started a new job in Santa Monica. It has been going well, but I’m still not happy about the hours which I sleep, which is usually anywhere between 4-7 depending on the night. I can’t function well on just 4-5. I never have. Thus, everyday that I’ve been to work I feel very tired. Not because work sucks or anything, but because my body is just fighting to stay awake half the time. Everyone tells me I’ll adjust . . . uh huh . . .

I think that my adjustment will only be physical, not mental. I’ve always been a night person. I function so well at night; I’m productive, I’m happier. Nighttime is my time. But not on the weeknights. Not anymore, or at least not while I’m working here. I need to fight my urge to stay up late and go to sleep at a decent time.

My commute.

It sucks.

I spent a few days adjusting and figuring out the best times to drive in the morning. Well, after spending no less than an hour in traffic every morning, I decided to start waking up at 5am so that I can leave at 5:20ish and get to the garage at about 6am. That’s right, I’m up at 5am everyday. I’d much rather drive here in decent time than spend most of it sitting in traffic. Why? Because I can be productive and go to the gym and workout in the morning.

Yes, you heard me! Your vision isn’t going bad.

I’ve actually started a little routine of going to the gym before work and jogging/power walking for 30 minutes with 5 minutes of warm down. Sitting here thinking about it, I feel like 30 minutes is nothing. But, at the time, at the end of my jog, I’m soooo ready to stop. It’s weird, but in a little way it’s very satisfying to know that I’ve exercised my body. Eventually I’m going to do some weight training as well so that I can give my body tone. I don’t believe that I’ll ever get huge. But, as long as I’m in shape and feel good about how I look, nothing else matters.

I think this morning routine is really good for me because it keeps me very accountable for my actions. I am responsible to myself to exercise. Most who know me know that I never work out, hate to plan things and love to be spontaneous. However, in a small way this routine, this plan that I’ve laid out for myself is good for me and I sorta enjoy it. Besides, I might as well take advantage of the opportunities this company gives me so that I come out on top physically and financially. And being responsible for my accountability is the first step.

Hmm… My shirt that I’m wearing has a very distinct aroma, that of what I typically smell from Indians (not Native Americans) which isn’t pleasing to me, nothing against those who do smell like this. Time to rewash this shirt!

So what exactly do I do at this new job? Well, I am working with the web team, and we have been implementing a new internal website since I got here. Because I started on the tail of this project, I have been given tasks that are more like busy work, such as data entry or modification of files. Not typically very fun, but it’s productive work to help further the company (at least I should continue to tell myself that). Also, I do not understand 95% of the material which we I have been modifying. There’s a lot of financial terminology and figures and facts and numbers. It’s all a puzzle to me, and not one that I truly care to solve. All I know is if the website looks good, other people can use it, I’m doing my job. Oh, the joy of being a web designer!

One of the perks of this job is the location. I drive along Ocean Avenue for a few minutes before I turn off, meaning I get to see the Santa Monica beach everyday of my commute. Although, this might change if I begin taking the bus soon, but from my desk, I can turn my head about 45 degrees to the left and see the Ocean. It’s really nice. And we’re also close to just about everything in this location. I’m new to the area, so most everything is my first time.

Am I back?

If you are reading this, it means I’m partially back. I’m not at full speed, but I have reconstructed the critical data that I almost lost. If you don’t see this, that means I have a little more work to do. Either way, you should see something really soon.