Germany photo gallery

Finally, I present to you my short and sweet photo gallery of my trip to Germany! I really need to find a program or something simpler because it takes me forever and day to finally get everything done. I wish there was a standards compliant photo gallery that I could just download, upload, modify and create, rather than having to edit almost all of the photos and links! Someday, I will.

Until that time, enjoy my temporary new gallery!

Deutschland list

panorama view of Wuerzburg
This is the city of Wuerzburg, and is about 300KB in size, so it will take about a minute to load on a slower modem connection.

So I think now’s a time to reflect on some of my thoughts about Germany. As I said earlier, I really should have done this a while ago but, well, procrastination is such a good friend of mine. I really should disown him as a friend but he’s been so good to me.


I’m so addicted!

Wuerzburg castle
Hi, my name is Micah and I have a problem. I’m a travelholic.

I totally admit it, I’m addicted to traveling. And with this trip, it only begins! I am ready to get back out there and see more, learn more, do more.

It’s really interesting how my tastes have evolved in time. Although I do not collect comic books, baseball cards, etc like I constantly did when I was a kid, I can definitely appreciate them on another level. I love playing video games, defeating the next Final Fantasy series when I’m able, but I don’t do that as much. It’s just not one of my daily routines like it was back in high school. However, I still love playing when I can, enjoying the moments I am able to spend with games.

In a similar view, I have recently begun traveling a lot, and by recently I mean since the middle of college. I have traveled by car, train and plane to many different areas across the United States since college and plan to do MUCH more in the future. But, I am now absolutely ready to get out beyond the US to the other parts of the world. And Wuerzburg, Germany is only the beginning!

As you can see in the photo above, I shot this from the old bridge in town of the castle which sits on top of a hill watching over the city of Wuerzburg. It’s absolutely gorgeous to see from the riverside and both with and without snow covering it! Someday I’m sure I will get the privilege to visit during the summer when the flowers are in bloom and the festivals are taking place! Until then..

The ResidenzI only spent a total of 4 days visiting different areas of the city with a couple of others traveling and flying. We certainly didn’t have enough time to do anything and everything, and shamefully I never even really had authentic German food! I should be ashamed.

So, what this does is gives me something to look forward to during my next trip, whenever that shall be. It’s amazing to know how much interest I have in going back to Europe because I feel like I’ve only touched the surface. There are so many different places that would interest me, not really as a history buff but more as a study of humanity. I think the World War II period is fascinating and hope to someday while I’m young spend time around Europe visiting different Nazi concentration camps, Anne Frank’s hideout, and other places which serve similar purposes. There are some gorgeous castles to visit in Germany, Switzerland and around the Alps and I think that in itself would be awe inspiring. I have ancestors in France and I’d love to go to villages where they might have dwelled long ago. I also would be interested to know about other ancestory roots in England and other places as well. So, right now my mind is swelling with eagerness to learn about the world.

see ya soon

Maybe I’ll have Internet access over there, maybe not. So, I might not be back on until next week!

Tonight, we’re going to LAX to spend the night. Our plane leaves tomorrow morning and then we’ll spend the next, well, relatively the next 15 or so hours on the plane before we arrive in Germany on Saturday morning.

Goodbye USA, Hello Germany.


Wuerzburg, Germany

In one week, I will be on an airplane. This airplane will leave from LAX on the morning of Friday and arrive at JFK airport in NYC. From there, we will change planes and fly east. Once we land, I will for the first time in my life have left the continent of America to arrive in Europe. That’s right, I’m on my way to Germany!

I’ve never been across the seas in my life and I figure this is just as good a time as any to take my first world wide trip. The opportunity was presented to me a few weeks ago and after some thought and a little discussion, I thought the price was right and it was hard to turn down such an opportunity. So, I didn’t! And it’s going to be awesome!!

The course of the trip will include just a few cities, the main of which will be Wuerzburg. Wuerzburg is located in the middle of Germany, about 120km/72m from Frankfurt, where our plane lands. We will probably spend 80% of the week we’re staying in Germany in this town walking around the city, visiting the historical structures and taking in the night life.

This being my first visit to a foreign place, I believe this will be a nice change of pace from the majority of my long distance trips I’ve taken in the states. Most of them have involved the interior of a car for long hours during the day or night, with stays in major cities lasting only hours or days. I look forward to spending a major amount of time in one place getting to know the culture. And, the fact that this country is foreign in almost every way to me is going to definitely put everything in some kind of perspective.

Sprechen sie Deutsch? Well, I certainly don’t, not even just a little. How did I write the previous phrase in German? I had to look it up on the Internet! lol… Yeah, I’m pathetic. The fact that almost everyone I will hear will speak German is definitely going to be a shock to my system. Since I have been a student, I was forced in one way or another to study foreign languages. And, to be completely honest, I hate it. I have no interest in picking up any textbook French or Spanish… or I guess German for that matter. But, I’ve always known that relocating myself in a different culture with a different tongue would force me to take an interest. I also think that would be the most entertaining way to learn as well because of the fact that I would have no choice. Studying a textbook bores me. It always has.

6 more days until I begin my new journey!