I was browsing the web tonight and came across an article from the San Francisco Gate, a sponsor of the SF Chronicle. Click here

Basically, it states that radio stations will eventually send digital signals to radios; not anytime soon most likely except for the well funded radio stations. An example of a current digital radio station is XM Satellite Radio. So let’s hypothetically speak here.

What if radios sent digital, CD-quality music to your radio. Many stations play the song in its entirety. And so you decide to record the songs from the radio and onto a tape (or your computer) to convert to an mp3. You basically did the exact same thing as downloading the mp3 except it was offered free from the radio.

So what’s my point? I like the mp3 revolution that has taken place. Consumers are starting to realize that they’ve been suckered for the past 10 years. They were buying extremely expensive CDs which the artist sees barely a buck from the CD, and less of this money is even profit until they break even from their insanely high production costs.

Has 5 years of school paid off for me? I couldn’t have stated myself very well here if I hadn’t learned something. :D

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