So what have I done since I’ve been to Houston? Nothing! It’s been great. I actually have just played video games, played on the Internet, and hanged with friends. It’s well deserved after how hard I worked the last month of school. And this next semester will be much of the same!

Two things I need to before I get back to Denver are earn money and try to work on Pro Tools|HD. Or just learn something new about audio.

This Sunday shall be fun as I’m going to church and playing the piano for Andrew. Same song as three weeks ago! It’ll sound really awesome again.

I just purchased Metriod Prime for the GameCube and I can’t believe how fun it is. If you were a fan of the original Metroid for Nintendo, you’ll be blown away at this new version in the ongoing saga of Samus Aran. I assumed that it would be just like everything else that’s first person, like Doom, Unreal, etc. But this game really continues everything you knew from the previous Metriod games, even in first person mode. The graphics are simply unreal. I am looking forward to many more hours going through the game.

And finally, I type all these entries and I have no idea if anyone ever reads them. If so, leave a comment. I’ll be surprised to get more than two people to leave a comment.

Well, I’ve been ignoring it for a few days, possibly the last week. But I think I’m officially sick. Sniffling and blowing my nose as though it were a faucet. I don’t feel too bad, just sick of blowing my nose.

This weekend I went to Dallas on Friday night and back to Houston on Saturday. The weekend wasn’t all that great but it’s okay for one reason. On Friday night, the whole computer giveaway should have been called Geeks Over Texas because it was about 700 or more geeks in one room waiting to win the biggest and bestest computer stuff. I didn’t win anything as expected. So on Sunday as I was on my way home, I was driving down Central Expressway and heard about Nichole Nordeman signing CDs at the Family Christian Bookstore. So I rushed over there and was the last one to get her CDs signed!! And, there’s a good chance she’ll remember me because she’s from Colorado Springs. It made my Saturday.

I didn’t get much sleep yesterday but went to lunch with Russell Martin. He’s got some great ideas for music recording and I might get him up to Colorado at some point. Pretty cool stuff. So after seeing Lord of the Rings with Russell, I came back home and we rented Final Destination. Not too much of a day.

Christmas in two days!