This weekend is has wiped me out. I think I’m going to keep this a little short and just go to bed soon.

Yesterday I spent in Boulder and vicinity. After my morning lab doing a surround sound project (we’re mixing audio and clips for a little scene in Jurrasic Park!), I made my way up to Boulder to go to Les Kahn’s place. We had everything ready to reconfigure my files so that they’d work with Pro Tools but found out that we had to get an authorization number before we could do anything. Simple enough . . . except that the Mackie website gave us an error. Man, that pissed both of us off. Now I’m going to have to drive there again, and it takes over an hour to get there from the house.

This adds to the bad news: I have until next Thursday to mix all of these files and make them sound professional quality like a CD. On top of that, the studio is booked up almost completely. I won’t really have ANY time until next week. So I don’t know what to do right now. I hope that there are a few mornings this week that I can snag because I sincerely need a LOT of time.

Today, I attended First Presbyterian Church in Boulder to play the piano with worship team at the regular contemporary service. This was the first time the college band has played at that service so people know what they sound like. It was nice to actually play an instrument instead of running the sound. I even tried singing a song or two while playing, and it was extremely difficult for me since I’d never done it before. The rest of the day was lunching with the band, setting up for rehersal, tryouts for new band members, and rehersal for Tuesday’s service. About 10 hours or more with the same people and at the church. It was tiring but fun.

I’ll get to sleep in tomorrow and I really hope it’s the last time this semester that I’m sleeping in because I’d like to be able to go into the studio every morning from now until the end of the semester to mix the CD. However, I don’t believe this will happen and I’m going to be so stressed trying to figure out what to do. Time to contact people in Houston to see if I can find a free Pro Tools rig for me to use.

I guess this was longer than I was planning. Go forth and get your fun on.

I must be full of dumb luck. Why do I say that? I seem to run into dumb luck more than often. Tonight, I decided at the last minute that I was going to go to the Nichole Nordeman concert here in Denver. Tickets were $14 at the door and I was gonna give my last spare change to go. Well, I get to the door to buy the tickets when one of the vendors tells me there’s an extra ticket for me. I ask how much I owe and they said nothing. Say what?! I just happen to show up at the right time and get a free ticket!! What kind of dumb luck is that?!

The whole night I stood by the mixer and talked to the engineer. He travels with her tour so he’s very familiar with what happens during the night. I didn’t realize that every venue they perform they rent the equipment they use. They don’t have their own equipment that they carry to each place because their needs always change. Makes plenty of sense.

Andrew Peterson was the opening act and he did a really great job. I highly suggest you check him out because he was awesome.

In not as good news, I found out I only have 2 weeks until the studios close for the semester. This highly concerns me because I haven’t even seriously begun mixing the tracks yet and I have 12 songs to mix. I just hope everything works out.