When mixing the song “Come Fall On Us”, I combined two different performances and made them one. Trying to determine where the pasted line is, after hours of editing, is virtually impossible. It sounds like the same song beginning to end. The reason I did this is because I think the first performance was a little better than the second. The second recording started out a little messy compared to the first one. So the first 30 seconds of the mix I’m making is one recording and the rest is the other recording.

I love Pro Tools! I still don’t like Macs as much but if I want to have a good copy of Pro Tools, I’m gonna have to buy me a copy. D’oh!

A week from Wednesday, I have to completely be moved out of the house I’m in. What a drag and stress-filled time as I’m trying to figure out how to get everything done, mix my CD, make some money and have a social life at the same time.

OH, big news. I checked my grades and they’re out! After much slaving and nervousness, I found out that I . . . . . . . . passed! I made a 3.6 for the semester and a 3.5 overall! This 3.5 doesn’t really take in the previous school’s grades in account from what I know. I could be completely wrong though. Anyway, that’s pretty refreshing. I’m glad that everything worked out.

Should I send out graduation announcements? Send me a note and let me know if I should. And I have to be honest. As exciting as it is to be an alumni of a school now, I’d mainly be sending out announcements as a way to get gifts!

I need to get back to life. Until next time…

Now put your hand down unless the owner of that studio mastered some Caedmon’s Call CDs.

Now put your hand down unless the owner of that studio has a gold record for a Jimi Hendrix record and won two grammys.

. . . What? Still a hand up? Hey now, I didn’t say to raise your hand because you’re the *Master of the Universe*! (Waving my finger at you. . .) Put those hands down, He-man!

I spent a few hours last night at a home studio watching and listening to Wayne Kerr’s new CD being mixed. It was a nice time and cool listening to what shall be released. I highly recommend that if you’re in town on June 7 and 8 to go to the CD release party in Galveston. See Wayne’s website for more details.

Time to continue being a productive citizen of the United States.

I finally made it to Houston on Sunday after a long trip and some fun stops along the way. Currently my time will be spend moving our furniture and other items from house to house to house. But my priority is to mix the CD. I have a lot to do with that and finally have a Pro Tools rig to use for the next month. Thank God!

It’s a little stressful knowing that I won’t have a permanent place to live for a while. I don’t even know where I’m going to be living come September. I have a lot to do in mixing the CD, searching for a job, mixing the CD, moving my stuff to a few places, trying to work and support myself, mixing the CD, and um, oh, mixing the CD. Oh, and did I mention how much work I will need to put into mixing the CD? Yeah, it’s going to be rough at times but that’s how I am doing it.

It’s a tradeoff being down here and away from seeing spiders all the time. Last night, I caught a nice big juicy Texas sized roach in the shower. So I ran hot water to kill it. Well, this morning that sucker is high and dry and alive and kickin’. “You wanna stay alive? I don’t think so!”, I thought. So I went to get the Raid and I had the last laugh. Nasty old roaches betta watch their backs! And I’m petrified of wasps so I won’t hesitate to do the same.