I changed a little of my layout so that it hopefully looks a little more contemporary and not so boring plain and simple. I won a new web cam at TechTV’s The Screen Savers so I had a little fun messing with it to see what I could do. Now, I’m always gonna be watching you…


I have taken this day to relax from my trip and need to get down to business starting tomorrow with finances and job hunting and other stuff. I hope I have discipline enough to make things happen.

In other wonderful news, my CD that I mixed, mastered and produced is coming out next week to The Annex up in Boulder. I will hopefully get my 50 copies at the same time or soon thereafter. I really hope that anyone who wants to hear awesome music as well as a lot of hard work will support the ministry and buy a CD. At least buy one because you want to support me. Maybe someday soon I’ll become good enough with music to put a CD of myself out?! … that’s a long time coming but we’ll see where I go in the next few years.

I haven’t worked on putting more pictures up yet but will get to that hopefully this weekend.

I made it back to Houston tonight so now it’s time to relax! It has been a wonderful trip and I can’t wait until my next one! I will definitely be posting more pictures as well as updating how you download them so it’s more user friendly. I didn’t have much time to do anything on the road because of how busy we were.

I now have a little over 2 weeks to find a job and a place to live. My life is not going to slow down for a while. Yeesh.

I found a very interesting article that brings up many good points about the digital age. This is very educational and you can form your own opinions about what it says.

Legal myths and facts about digital copying