I’m gonna test out a few layouts in the next few days/weeks to see what I like about these backgrounds. I’ll also mess with the layout and see what I like or don’t like about the layouts. Hopefully I’ll find a nice medium with everything.

No big news here. It’s been a relaxing weekend and I am trying to attempt to put a portfolio together for the grad school. I’ll post a link to the artwork when I finish it. Most all of it will be photos that I have taken in the past few years from my trip to Colorado back in 1998 up to this road trip from July.

I have also readded a link to my road trip photos on the top page so you can visit them as you like.

As you might have recently seen, there is a birthday notice on the right side of my front page. So is your birthday going to be soon? The only way your birthday will show up is for you to register here and enter your birthday upon registering. This allows me to keep track of your birthday and acknowledging it in some form. So sign up now!