Although I just posted something, I’m compelled to write one more entry this evening before I lose myself to slumber.

Think back to high school. Remember those social values which cornered each person with a label? Popular, nerd, jock, freak, geek; just to name a few. It was difficult sometimes to bear these names and wonderful at other times.

In television history, I believe there’s one short lived series which delineated in almost scary accuracy the trials and tribulations which many people experienced in high school. This series, called Freaks and Geeks was absolutely brilliant. I was hooked by the first few minutes of the pilot episode and eagerly sought each episode out on the confusing television schedule. This series made a huge fight to stay alive but was defeated because of poor marketing and advertising. As tragic as this was, I fought with them to the end and continue to endear the series as a great story and representation of some of my experiences in high school.

Thus, I want to bring to your attention the fact that this series is coming to DVD! It was long speculated that it would be impossible to release the entire series on DVD because of bad expense, but through some effort of the producers and writers, this saga will live on! A great article on the expenses of this show’s release tells the expenses faced in licensing music for DVD (a great read for those who have are interested).

For those who have not heard of Freaks and Geeks, please be sure to ask me to see some of the episodes when they quickly become part of my collection. Cost will not be a factor in my purchasing decision so I will be snatching these as soon as they come out! This was a great treasure and shall be a nice reference and piece of history to recall from time to time!

No, I’m not trying to be impolite and cursing as my subject. This is, rather, a term of endearment to all the years I watched and worshiped that cartoon called the Thundercats!

I recently downloaded the entire collection of Thundercats episodes. Through all the years that I have seen these cartoons, I had never seen the very first episodes which introduce the Thundercats to everyone. I was happliy surprised at how complicated and well thought out this cartoon was. It’s too bad that the Silverhawks couldn’t have had such a convincing story (however, I believe there should be a live-action remake of the Silverhawks). Anywho, if you ever get the chance to see the first few episodes of Thundercats, I highly recommend it!

Is there anyone out there who wants to make an investment in me?