Man, I just realized that it’s December. It’s December! It’s DECEMBER. Funny… the more I write December, the weirder the word looks. It’s December. It’s not Procember. It’s not Lecember. Not even Delcember. It’s December.

Christmas is in 24 days from today. I have not begun Christmas shopping, and have no idea what I shall purchase for anyone. And I must decide who to buy presents for outside of family. I don’t even know where I’ll be for Christmas yet. Decisions…

I am going to take a couple of days to pay my loans, organize myself a little better and then clean up a little. Then hopefully I’ll have time to work for at least a week if not more and make some much needed money.

My next entry into this journal shall be about my CD I produced. Be ready because I plan to advertise it as much as possible, maybe even create my own webpage dedicated to it. Please buy one to show support.

We arrived back to Houston yesterday evening. It’s great to be back! Now I need to organize myself and get going with life. I’ll be up at Lake Livingston next couple of days spending Thanksgiving with friends and family.

I should leave with one great story about our stop in Atlanta. We arrived in Atlanta late Sunday morning after a night of driving straight from Annapolis. For those who haven’t made this trip before, it’s about 1000 miles of driving. There are many ways to go but the fastest at night was probably the way we went, which was I-95 over to I-20.

Arriving in Atlanta, we were severly hoping that we could get to the house and sleep all day. We were staying with Justin’s neighbor’s son and family. It was a great place and wonderful neighborhood. Just gorgeous. We arrived to Atlanta not hearing from Terry so we had to find something to do. We initially went to the underground mall after driving around aimlessly. It was a little frustrating at first not being able to get in touch with Terry but at least we found something to blow away some time. The underground mall, for those who have never been there, is a mall that’s under part of downtown Atlanta. It’s really nothing unusual in terms of being a mall but just one of those things that people visit. Next to the underground mall is the Coca-Cola factory.

We still hadn’t heard from Terry after an hour. So I convinced Justin to tour the factory. We were exhausted from the drive by this point. Walking around waiting was just annoying. The Coke place was pretty cool. Worth one visit only because you get to try out foreign drinks from other countries. However, it costs $7 so go on an empty stomach so you can get your money’s worth.

After touring, we went back to the car to wait a little longer. I was so ready for a bed! Still no call. What the heck was the problem? Well, we had no idea what to do. Neither of us really wanted to go anywhere else. We sat in this parking garage in the car trying to think of what to do. Well, after conversing a little, this was our decision:

an image

Yeah, exactly. We laid there for probably a good 3 hours snoozing and taking a few bathroom breaks each. On top of that, I decided to turn the radio on for some background noise. Atlanta has this station which plays light rock and jazzy kind of stuff. Well, I think for the rest of the year they have decided to play Christmas tunes non-stop. |)

That’s right. Our afternoon was spent sleeping in a car, in a parking garage which costed $3 and listening to Christmas tunes while sleeping. I felt better having slept but that was definitely one of those experiences you gotta share!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We had two straight days of driving for 11 or more hours. I’m a little burnt out of driving now and am ready to get back to Houston. After NYC, we went to Annapolis to visit Justin’s buds from the Naval Academy, and then to Atlanta. It was a short visit to both but fun nonetheless. We are now at his place in Port Arthur until we can get back to Houston.