Guess who just became an uncle? . . . . . . . Give up? . . . . . Geez, you’re taking forever to give your answer . . . . oh wait, I can’t hear you anyway!

Yup, I’m an uncle. I became an uncle today at 3:58pm. I wasn’t there for the birth but made it up there a few hours later. I saw Jennifer about an hour after her c-section. (They had to, this was a planned birth for medical reasons). I then made my way up to the nursery on the 5th floor where I got my first glimpse of baby Alec. I couldn’t believe that kid was inside of Jennifer!! He’s freakin’ huge.

It’s weird thinking about seeing Jennifer yesterday with the baby in her and now she’s free! haha, well, that’s definitely one perspective . . .

Now that I’m an uncle, I am old. Not old in age, but old because I have a nephew. Old because most of my friends have 9-5 (or 7-5) jobs now. And I’m young because I haven’t had my first real job and I’m 8 months out of college.

I have designed a little webpage with a couple of pics of Alec Cambre for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

I keep putting off blogging because I’m lazy. I wanna get my new site up but haven’t been able to make time because of building a new computer (3GHz now!) and work. So, here’s a wonderful little video that’ll keep you wanting more.

Hey Ya, Charlie Brown

mirrored site – Looks like the other one went down. Right click this file and save as.

EDIT 2/6 Looks like it’s totally gone. I’m sure if you search the net it’ll turn up somewhere. Good luck.