I have lived in Texas for approximately 22.5 years of my life. I lived in Colorado for 2 years of my life. Now, starting next week, I shall begin my life in Los Angeles, California!

I found out last night, after two sleepless, anxious nights that LA is my next destination. I am taking the week to say my goodbyes, or rather see ya soons, and then it’s off to the relatively unfamiliar place called la-la land.

Needless to say, I am excited! Better yet, I am apprehensively excited! This is the biggest change for me that I’ve ever been through. Hopefully, this will be the land of opportunity for me; it will be the best of what I make it. I have long term goals which I shall be pursuing with the help of my new roommate. He is a semi-famous guy who works in the music and television industry, and through his networking and my ambitious desire for accomplishment, I shall go out there determined to make my mark on that world.

The timing of this new adventure is absolutely impeccable! My last 8 months since graduating college have been sometimes difficult and depressing to me. The cycles were up and down and it was very tiresome. But my luck is now changed. This move is for the better, and I’m so ready for this new change of pace.

I know that an overall goal of mine is to make a mark in the world, to leave something behind wherever I go that shall help someone else to move forward.

I hope anyone who reads this and knows me will feel free to visit! I can’t promise a room for anyone right now because I still haven’t even gotten there yet. But, I will be there and ready for company at all times! It’s just strange to think that I won’t be in Texas for too much longer. It’s even more strange to know that I have no idea when I’ll be back here for a long period of time. I leave behind a lot of friends and family in the state. However, I know y’all are well taken care of. It’s now time for me to care for myself the best I know how!

In the near future (hopefully) I will update this website to include more features and a better layout. I have a lot of work to do on my website but not too much time in which I can do it right now. So come back soon for some more fun and lots of great California stories!!

I decided to not go to Nashville. I talked to the studio manager and he reassured me that I wouldn’t be able to afford to be there. So I’m sorta back to the drawing board, and I have to find a place to live in less than two weeks.