When I go to sleep, I usually find I have one of two problems.

Sometimes when I lay down for sleep, I’m itching to get out of reality and into my dreams. Yet, my mind tends to work overtime after I hit the pillow. I mean, it literally races a marathon thinking of anything and everything it can. This usually occurs when I’ve not had much to do during the day and I’m awake for hours on end. It’s really annoying.

The other problem is I lay on my side. My arm is extended because I can’t keep it under my body or I’ll lose all the blood and it feels weird. Well, after about a minute of laying there, sometimes faster, I can hear my heart beating. Literally, my ear, or most likely what is the tragus, is shaking the pillow that it touches. As the heart beats, the tragus vibrates to the rhythm of its beating. After unsuccessfully trying to ignore the sound, I have to switch sides and lay on the other side of my body. Not uncommonly, the same exact thing happens and it’s just as loud. So, I am forced to lay either on my front or my back. I usually don’t sleep well laying on my stomach so I’m forced to lye straight on my back. I mean, I would stretch out and everything if I had a queen size bed, but I’m sleeping on a single.

Thus, I really don’t have much mobility when I sleep, the only real way for me to fall asleep is to lay on my back, and I must listen to a constant noise to help me doze into my slumber. Such is my life late at night before I sleep.

Saturday was officially an 18 hour work day. I arrived at work at 9:15am and left at 3:15am the next morning. I was absolutely beat and slept half of the day away.

My job yesterday was to setup for and perform maintenance in the theater at which Superchic[k] and Plus One performed. It was a lot of dirty work and some easy work, but I think out of all the jobs at the park, this one was one of the better jobs.

For the first time ever, I was a spotter. I controlled one of 4 spot light on the performers and it was pretty interesting. We all had headsets and listened for our signal to turn a spot on or off and move it here or there. It was a very basic lighting because of our inexperience, but after the first few songs we all got the hang of it. By the end of the first performance, my neck had such a irritable crick in it. Good times.

I guess a highlight of the day was being able to sit and relax while I drove Superchic[k] to the airport. superchick.jpgIt was about a 45 minute ride so I got to listen to all of their conversations. While this band isn’t super well-known right now, they do get around (movie soundtracks, concerts, etc.) and have a fan base. Behind the scenes, this band is pretty much the same as everyone else.

I heard them talking about when they were young to who some of their friends are. The lead singer, Tricia (blonde hair), is somewhat of a diva in public but seemed pretty down to earth personally. The guys were all just joking around and seemed to be enjoying themselves. Although they are Christian performers, they have the same desires and problems that we all have. Sometimes, though, I tend to forget that.

I’m not famous, I’m not around famous people, but I always think of a famous person as having a more glorious life than me. They have some riches, some fame, it seems like such a nice life in some sense. But they’re just like you and me. They want their privacy, they want to do normal things like watching a movie at a theater and playing video games.

I asked them about their contract and I get the impression that they’re just waiting to get signed by a big label if the right offer comes along. Their envy is Switchfoot because they’ve played with them once or a few times.

It’ll be interesting to see where this Chicago based band is in five years.

A month and a half makes a huge difference sometimes. Since moving here, things have changed from one path to another. What I assumed would work out has not. Certain changes will happen in the near future, but I’m not certain when or where yet. I have some choices to make and hope I can find the right answers.

Saturday marked my first official day of working as a stage technician. There was a cheerleading competition between middle school cheerleaders and my main job was to make sure that the girls exited off the stage correctly instead of going backstage again. It was not a glorious task because I sat around most of the time. I’m not complaining however.

This week they scheduled me full time. I have been working all day every day, waking up before 7am each day and not enjoying it. But I’m getting the required amount of sleep that I need.

caught the coaster in actionSomehow, I was asked to assist the stage manager on the lift. We’re talking the machine/vehicle that can raise you high in the air, up to about 60 feet. Oh yes, not that 60 feet is all that high, but when you’re up there and it’s shaking, it becomes a little nerve wracking. Not everyone had the opportunity to go aboard the lift but I guess it might be a sign of respect since I’m one of the older of the rookie crew. I also think I’m probably the most educated of the rookies with a bachelor’s degree. Oh geez, need I remind myself of this…

In fact, on Tuesday we were up using the power washer rinsing off the helicopter they use for the show. It wasn’t to dirty since it’s out in the open all the time, but it had some bird poop and dust on it. After finishing, I felt the lift going higher and higher. 60 feet underI realized we weren’t going down back to the ground where it was safe and sound. No, he ended up extending it all 60 feet up in the air. I’m not afraid of heights, I enjoy looking around from a view you rarely get to see.

It was just about that time when the assistant (foreman) turned the engine off. Again, I’m not particularly afraid of heights. But we were straight up, dangling, and not on solid ground. The arm of the lift holding us up was shaking side to side from us being up there and the light wind blowing at the time. My hands were starting to get sweaty. My hands usually get sweaty from my presence on a plane landing (I’m always afraid of diving head first into the ground). So I was starting to get nervous.

I was conflicted, however because the view was spectacular. I mean, we’re talking really gorgeous! Here’s the result:

picture perfect view on a picture perfect day