I’m currently in a stretch of days where I am working almost everyday. I have Monday off but other than that, I’m working 14 consecutive and non-consecutive days. It’s a little frustrating because I should have my weekends off but that’ll start in July. Finally!

Something you should read about. Ever heard of the Induce Act? Well, if not, read up. You’re about to be criminalized for downloading music. In fact, this is going to criminalize almost everything in the country in one form or another. We all commit copyright violation. It’s just life. Wanna see proof that even companies like Apple are vulnerable? Have a nice day.

Sources: Lessig Blog, EFF

Processed music – Music written in order to fit into a certain style regulated by music labels and corporate suits in order to produce the most financial profit from a popular artist or band.

Wanna see what I’m talking about? Thanks to justwatchthesky.com, check out this link of Nickelback’s top hits stereo interweaved.

On a side note, I have nothing personally against Nickelback and enjoy their music.