Often this summer, going to work at the park was a drag. I really didn’t want to be there; I was really hoping that something new would come along and take my interest. Nothing against the job at Six Flags, but I’d much rather be doing something constructive with my life. And getting paid better.

Yet, there were plenty of good times and good memories that I have made. Thus, I decided to bring my camera for the last whole week of regular work at the Batman show. And so, I now present my gallery for a few of the photos I took. I have about 200 or more but edited down to the best 43 that I thought were somewhat appropriate. I’ll admit that if I decide to go back up there and take more photos I’ll add them to this gallery.

Now go forth, my friends, and tell all of the people of my story.


Enjoy just a little of what I did all summer. If you would like a copy of the original photos that I took, there are about 150 more of them, feel free to give me a CD and I’ll burn you whatever you want.

Today we finish our last day during the week as the Batman weekday crew. I’ve brought my camera for the past week and have taken probably around 200+ photos of a lot of things, so I’ll take the best ones and post them up. Hopefully not more than around 50 or so, but we’ll see. In fact, I think I’m going to re-edit my Boston/NYC photos down because there are a lot of similar photos that really don’t mean too much, they’re just generic similarities of everything else. And then maybe I’ll actually get back to other photos and upload more. That’d be nice.

This week also marks the first full week I’ve been at my internship (although a full week has only been 3 days). All I’ve really been doing is logging the soundtracks into iTunes and importing them into a terrabyte HD external setup for backup/convenience. While I complete these tasks, I am free to listen to any soundtrack music I want for the whole time that I am doing this. It’s great!

The rooms I’ve worked in allow me to see the Hollywood sign when I turn and look out the east side windows. The room I work in most of the time is the open, general room and it’s a corner room surrounded by windows on the walls. It’s nice and open so I can see as much of LA as the height of this room will allow. Today is a very foggy day, visibility is very reduced because of it. Although you could say the same about half the smoggy days. Then again, I bet this is 50/50 smog/fog. Anyway, when I drove to work today I almost thought I was gonna drive through rain. Which, that in itself would have been amazing. It hasn’t rained here since March 1.

I have updated some of my links by adding a few more personal sites and misc links. Particularly, a high school friend of mine is Brad is stationed in Iraq. His environment and condition of living seem to change on a daily or weekly basis, depending on what’s going on. It’s an interesting read knowing that there are thousands of people (Americans, Iraqis and others) living through similar, possibly better or worse, situations out there. I don’t believe I’d enjoy being out there but I respect all of the soldiers giving their time and lives to help out the innocent people in Iraq trying to start over in a free society.

This is for Dawn at CLFP. I’m going to send you a postcard, I promise. I just haven’t been able to make time. Or maybe I haven’t been motivated. Either way, someday soon you will receive a cool postcard, hopefully homemade!

Do y’all miss me? :o)