I know this really doesn’t have too much relevancy, but let’s put the price of gas in perspective. We pay anywhere between $1.50-$2.50 across the nation at any given time. Yet, gasoline is still one of the cheapest liquids available! Just think, if we paid for the same amount of beer as we do gas (and some of us do!), we’d be paying around $9.00/gallon almost every time we fill up!! Man, a gallon of beer is expensive! And good beer is even more expensive… Time to rethink our priorities, eh?

…but just don’t wanna take the time yet. Soon enough.

I’ll be working as much as possible this week and hopefully seeing everyone I can. If you are in Houston, reading this, and wanna get together if I haven’t contacted you already, hit me up!

Thanksgiving was great, and I’m still full. But, I have had my first taste of tex-mex since I’ve been back and it’s been WONDERFUL! YUMMY!