I’ve had this article written by Paul Graham bookmarked for a few weeks now since it was shown on Slashdot. I don’t know why I haven’t written about it before now but I guess right now I really feel compelled to share it with others. It’s such a great article, something that I really wish I had been told my freshman year of high school. There might not have been much that I would have listened to back then, some experiences can only be attained more difficultly. But, there’s much that I need to do now before my time runs out. Not really that it’s going to run out but I need to take advantage of my time much more wisely than I currently do. I have opportunity in front of me, something that’s possibly going to make my career. And I have interests that, if I decided to pursue them, would give me the advantages for which I long (seeing the world).

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I had a Cadbury egg today… I’m happy :)

I also went to see the movie Sideways. As with the movie Adaptation, it probably takes a certain audience to really appreciate much of the content. I gave the movie 9/10 stars. Wanna know the best part of the movie? I saw it at the Arclight Cinemas and we attended a 21+ version where anyone who wanted could buy alcohol and drink it in the theater. So we both had a half a cup of chardonnay wine. Knowing that the plot of the movie deals with wine, that really helped put us in the mood!

It’s nice to have finally have a great evening of good company and a nice film. Go out and enjoy yourself, life is awesome!