The Bellagio

Las Vegas is such a cool city! I can’t wait to go back, though I’m sure it’ll be a while. I did exactly what I planned on doing and a little more. It was a welcome break from everything, one I wish I could extend. But back to the real world of making money.

Photos of Vegas coming soon.

Oh, and I went to a Lakers game for Easter. I will have a few semi-blurry photos of a couple of celebs and other photos of players as soon as I can manage to make the time.

I’ve been planning this for over a month and I can’t believe it’s already here. I’m going to Las Vegas on Sunday for a few days since my brother and sister-in-law are going to be there! Don’t know if I’ll do much or any gambling, but definitely going to check out the town for some nice photo ops. I hope I can find a night spot to get a good photograph of the strip. It would also rock to see some celebs, though I am not expecting anything along those lines. Two definite things: going to see the Hoover Dam again and going to do a drive by of the life size Simpsons house to see if it’s even in good condition.

I’ve gotta figure out between now and Sunday where to go for some photographs. Also, I’m really considering stopping by Death Valley on the way back from Vegas because it’s supposedly extremely beautiful with all of the flowers from a ton of rain. I really wish I had a friend to take with me cause this is so much to do by myself. Oh well… whatever.

I am officially hooked! I don’t know when it happened, but I am so in love with web standards. Or obsessed. Or I have been smitten. Not sure which, if not all of these, really describes me best. Either way, web standards are the best thing to happen to the Internet since graphical designs became available.

Web Standards