Does anyone use skype? If so, contact me. I wanna try it out.

If not, download it and install it so that we can talk. Skype is a Internet phone. When used with broadband Internet, it’s amazingly clear. And free to call anywhere. So, download it.

Hmm… I just realized that I didn’t have much of a life this weekend. I stayed home all day Saturday and Sunday. However, I was extremely productive cleaning a little, doing a lot of coding on my personal website, and just taking it easy. I’ve gotten some inspiration back so that’s awesome.

On Friday I worked late into the night for Magic Mountain again. It was my way of paying lip service to the park so that I can keep myself on call. I ended up driving the Newsboys to the Burbank hotel. On the way, I almost ran into a car in front of me because I was trying to change lanes before the passenger yelled, “Hey man, watch out! Slow down!” I felt so embarassed because I’m a great driver but that totally made me look stupid! So yeah, I almost injured the Newsboys as they were nodding off in the van.

I also didn’t realize that these guys were as old as they are. In their 30s or older! They’ve been around for like 15 or 20 years. Wow.

I finally got my tax return! I have sorely needed that money back.

I will be flying into Houston on May 17 and staying through June 21. I waited until the last minute to buy these tickets because I really wasn’t sure that staying in Houston for so long was a good idea. I have a job here, I have other things in which I’m involved as well and being back home, as nice as it’s going to be, for so long can’t be a great thing for me. However, I will hopefully be picking up some full-time work that I can’t pick up here most of my time back as well as going to another UM ARMY camp and seeing my dad back to Houston for his new appointment at Bear Creek. That’s right, my dad has been reappointed to Houston from Texarkana. They are very excited about the move back and it’ll be nice to have family back in Houston again. Yet, I don’t know that it’ll do me much good anyway since I am living here now. Whatever.

One week until Family Guy’s first NEW episode of the fourth season! WATCH IT.