I’ve lived in Southeast Texas on and off for almost 20 years. Only once in that that time span have I been to New Orleans, and that was probably around 13 or 14 years ago. I have such vague memories of the actual city, of just a few places that we went to see or the things we did. So, New Orleans was just a distant memory somewhere in the back of my mind. This weekend updated whatever little memory I had.

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10 hours, 12 hour, 14 hour days. This is the norm right now and won’t let up either. I leave for New Orleans on Saturday morning and will be gone through the weekend. I have so much to do in the meantime and am having fun with all of this business, but do look forward to more downtime!

In the meantime, I’ll write summaries.

  • I keep reading more about jobs, the 401k system, making money, and I just wish I already had money.. Blah. How to beat the system…
  • I’ve seen some local friends and will be seeing a bunch more soon. I really enjoy spending time catching up with everyone.
  • Going to New Orleans for the first time in like 12 years this weekend.
  • Have been constantly checking e-mail and blogs… i’m so addicted.
  • I bought two tickets to a Freaks and Geeks fest on Sat, June 4, but it’s being held in Austin that day. Anyone wanna drive me? I bought two tickets in case!
  • I love having my personal computer files with me. External hard drive cases rock!
  • Have seen only half the season finales that I want to watch… need to make time for the rest.
  • Why does everyone hate Star Wars? Sure, it could have had better storylines, better leads and transitions, but for what GL left us in Ep. 2, I think generally it was done well. And the special effects were amazing. Can’t wait to go back to LA so that I can see it at the Arclight Cinema!
  • I wonder what’s gonna happen to that job I interviewed for? Although I want it, I also don’t want it.
  • This summer might turn out to be reeeeeally fun if I don’t end up getting that job and earn a crapload of money between now and the time I leave for LA. Why? Because of San Francisco and Hawaii… ;-)li>
  • Note to self: eat more Tex Mex before you leave Texas.
  • Note to self: eat more Blue Bell, period.
  • I’ve already spent too much money since I landed here… My 20GB iPod should be here soon.
  • I need to learn to the play the guitar better.
  • Lists are cool
  • Sometimes, I realize how nice it is to be single and not attached
  • I went to a Photoshop seminar on Tuesday… Oh how I wish I had a DSLR
  • I enjoy the Doves new album
  • My new design has been collecting a little dust. I hope I’m able to make some time soon to spruce it up. Lots of new things, more integration, etc.

This is one of the most detailed articles/blogs about the business of basketball. Billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban goes wide open with his disappointment in losing the 2005 playoffs and about how his team was assembled. I’ve kept up with basketball off and on for many years, some years more than others, but I know that this is the most detail I’ve ever read about a personal team’s formation. It’s interesting how closely related the pleasure and business of basketball can be.