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Betamax vs. VHS

Remember those days? I sure as heck don’t. I was 5 years old when the surpreme court declared that VCRs were legal by way of fair use. But, the struggles of more than twenty years ago seem to resonate very loudly today in a the new war.

HD DVD vs. Blu-ray

In case you don’t know or haven’t heard, Sony and Universal (amongst others), AGAIN, are competing for the surpreme next generation media, specifically the DVD, one that will hold many times more data than regular DVDs. Just today, Intel and Microsoft backed the HD DVD format, joining Toshiba and many major Hollywood studio. Blu-ray has the support of Sony, Apple, Disney, HP, and Dell.

So what’s the big deal? HD DVD is more affordable. Blu-ray can hold more data. I think this boils down to money. Whoever wins gets more money, simple as that.

Funny as it might be, I could almost care less what happens. Why? Because my money is on the Internet. As broadband bandwidth increases and more people subscribe to high speed Internet, you’re going to get most of it online in 5 years anyway. By the time this issue has been settled, it’ll pretty much be history in my opinion.

Hey clinic friends, gather everyone around and comment me a tale. Tell me the adventures of your experiences of sitting in so much traffic, of rushing around on Wednesday, of all the people rushing to get their meds. I’m curious to know what happened!