I almost went to see a taping of The Price is Right today. I almost decided to go, too, but never gave a definite answer to my opportunity passed. I just hate taking a day off when I’m sure that I’ll have another reason to later when I go traveling. But, I also hate missing really fun opportunities like this. Who knows how much longer Bob is going to be around doing the show. I should have done this kind of thing a long time ago.

It was nice having an extended weekend. I got some good work done on a website I’m working on, and I’m hopefully on target to get most of it completed next week. I have a LOT to do but I’m chipping away at it. Probably another reason I shouldn’t have gone to the gameshow.

I wish I had something more exciting to say than this but nothing exciting has really happened to me lately. I’ve just been workin’ my butt off trying to complete a bunch of projects and freeing up time to pursue other passions of mine like music. And this website. and a couple of other websites. I have enough to keep me busy for a while. Which is depressing but good for me at the same time.

I need to also consider going back to Texas soon. I don’t know when or how because my money is committed to other things right now but I’ve neglected spending time with friends in Texas, and there are a lot of them! And I miss certain things too. The hard thing is finding the time and money.

My full-time job is keeping me really busy. I have projects which are a little beyond my experience right now so it’s a huge hump trying to learn how to overcome the hump of inexperience. Hopefully I’ll start to pick up on things sooner than later.