Two summers ago, I lost everything. One day in July, the day I began my new job, someone pulled the plug. My web host went under without any notice or word. I was hosed. I had no backup of anything on my web server. It was gone.

Luckily, after a few days of waiting, the host decided to flip on the switch for one week, enough time for us to download everything we were hosting. Talk about wiping the sweat off of my face…

After a quick and fierce search online, I decided to shack up with Dreamhost. It’s been a love/hate relationship since then but mostly I’m satisfied.

I’ve only had two lingering things bothering me since I made the switch. I missed my awesome statistics software and my comments have been kinda screwed up. Well, I’ve mostly fixed those problems and now must optimize and customize what I have fixed to work great. So, please feel free to register and leave comments. It’s very easy and it’s spam free! The best part about my comment integration is the amazing functionality that it allows with my bulletin board. I will hopefully get around to more customization since I have time on my hands that I didn’t before.

These changes are two years in the making. You don’t even know how relieved I am right now.

Eating breakfast at Meemaw’s house was such a welcome change from eating breakfast at home. During my annual week long visits to her house, I was almost always assured a nutritious, delicious two-course breakfast that consisted of fruit and fiber.

At around 8:30, if I hadn’t woken up yet she would usually come around and wake me to say that she’s preparing breakfast. After taking a few moments to realize that I’m awake, I would slowly make my crawl to the kitchen bar, where I sat watching her prepare a half cantaloupe for me.

While I sat at the bar enjoying my sweet cantaloupe, she would be sitting on her stool, drinking her morning cup of coffee and reading the newspaper at the end of the kitchen counter. As my cantaloupe’s mass steadily decreased, she would begin the second course of breakfast.

Most of the time, my second course was what I wish every breakfast was like. We’d usually go to the grocery store and buy a box of blueberry waffles not too long after she picked me up from the airport. The two minute toasting of these waffles produced a heartwarming aroma that always made my mouth water. Blueberry waffles was probably one of my favorite meals growing up because it consisted of the best of food: fruit, bread and sugar. The perfect consistency and combination of blueberry waffles was a great way to start my day.

There were, however, those breakfasts where she was out of waffles. In this case, my second course was usually a bowl of high fiber cereal like All-Bran or Fiber One, different than most of the cereals I ate at home. I was used to Cheerios, Frosted Mini Wheats, Raisin Bran, or maybe Life on occasion. Those high fiber cereals Meemaw served were usually not too bad of a difference since there was usually *some* flavor.

Over the years, breakfast diminished in value. During my stay on campus my first year and a half of college, my cereal habits would vary depending on what the cafeteria had available. I moved back home for my spring semester of sophomore year and my breakfasts quickly became less important: breakfast bars or the occasional eggs and bacon that my dad would cook. I didn’t like cereal anymore and would never eat it.

As college continued and I ate more breakfast bars, I got sick of those, too. There was, however, one breakfast food I occasionally ate and never got tired of eating. Oatmeal is the wonder food when it comes to nutrition. You can make oatmeal however you want, varying the ways it can be served. My last year or two of college began my love for the oatmeal breakfast.

Since then, oatmeal has been my instant breakfast of choice. I moved so many times that it was just the easiest and quickest meal for me to prepare no matter where I was. Because eating fruit is a past time favorite, I usually buy fresh or dried fruit to serve with my oatmeal. Not only is it good, it’s a great way to start the day.

Just this morning, I ate a half cantaloupe. I can’t help but think of those times my grandmother served me breakfast anytime I eat a cantaloupe. They’re still very tasty, but it’ll never be the same.

When I think of the Astros, I think of only a few from my time:

Nolan Ryan
Mike Scott
Ken Caminiti
Billy Wagner
Shane Reynolds
Mike Hampton
Daryl Kyle
Lance Berkman
Jeff Bagwell
and Craig Biggio

Biggio is one of the best players to ever wear a baseball uniform and the best Astros player in its history. He’s a legend and an guaranteed inductee into the Hall of Fame. I’m glad I was able to see him in action.

Thanks for all the game winning home runs.
Thanks for being a huge part of the Killer Bs.
Thanks for your consistency and hard work.
Thanks for stepping up to the plate, even though so many of them were hits by pitches.
Thanks for being a life long Astro.
Good luck to you.