feeling happy rocks!

All weekend long, I think since about Thursday or so, I’ve been really happy. I’ve had this ambition growing in me and I’m sorta just excited in general. There’s so much out there to grab ahold of and run with, and I’m just excited at the potential!

I’m playing around with a few ideas in my head while I continue to finish up some personal projects and prepare for my trip back to Houston. I’ll be gone for a total of five weeks from LA… Yikes.

This is hopefully going to be a really busy week for me at work since the owners are going out of town for the rest of the month this weekend. Their vacation and my trip overlap for half the time and hopefully they will be using me to prepare a lot of newsletters while I’m gone as well as putting up the new logo on the website. Speaking of the website, I’ll try to add a link to their company site once I actually have original coding in place. I imagine that this will happen by the end of the week and I’ll then link to their website. I just don’t wanna show off a website that I didn’t even really touch. More of the photos that are being used are mine from my digital camera and retouched by me, but you wouldn’t know which are which because I’m that good!…. haha. right.

I am getting more and more excited for my new website design I’ve been working on. It’s not really finished or even halfway there yet, but I finally bought a book to help me with colors (Color Index) and I’m working on typography as we speak. The most difficult thing about doing such a personal design is that I’m critical of all the details. This new layout is going to be completely different than what you’re looking at right now, hopefully refreshing enough that you’ll enjoy it. I also want to have a little more interactivity with my bulletin board, which will force me to actually spend time learning PHP and how to write code! yikes.

I got my fix of the rest of the first episode of Family Guy last night. What a relief, after three years of not seeing a new episode! And now almost every week for the next few months we shall be seeing more Family Guy Sunday nights. That is unless they decide to show a few episodes and delay the rest until next fall, which at that point I’ll be just as frustrated as I’ve been!

It’s nice to feel so happy! Work is great, I’m excited about my trip back to homebase, and I get to eat Tex Mex and Blue Bell really soon!!

If you’re lucky, this week should be an eventful week on the blog as I want to write about a few things that have really excited me lately. They’re about the Internet and its infinite uses but I do believe they’ll be worth your visit and time. So check back every day when I release my thoughts and photos on a few exciting subjects!

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