i’m still getting used to this as well

So here’s a new website. :D Lots of changes are probably in store as I get feedback. Right now, I have my bulletin board permissions set for registered users only. I’m doing this so that I know who’s been visiting, I don’t get bad messages from people, and I can maintain some stability and functionality for everyone who posts. It’s not to invade anyone’s privacy because I won’t stand for that. Everyone who registers won’t be subjected to any unwanted e-mails. And remember, you can hide your e-mail address from everyone. So go ahead and register and post whatchu want. It’ll be fun and I can’t wait until more people sign up

By the way, remember to register your birthday when you sign up! It’ll help me remember because I’m so bad at it.


This is my new website and hopefully, assuming I’m not too lazy about it, I’ll have lots of cool updates, random pictures, bulletin boards to write on, whatever I can think of. I finally got ahold of my domain asuh.com after about 5 years of desiring it. What you’re reading now is a web journal type feature and I can update this whenever I want. To your right, you should see many links to different websites. The list is progressive so please feel free to give me your personal website for me to link to. I hope you enjoy your stay!