me llamo

If there was ever something of which I could be very proud, it would be my name. It is very possible, and I’m sure just as likely, that I am the lone person in my country who bears the combination of my first and last name. Out of nearly 6.6 billion people in the world, my chances of only carrying my name is hopefully one is nearly 6.6 billion.

According to, Micah is the 520 most common male name in the US. Approximately 21,000 US born males, or 0.002% of the US males, are named Micah whereas only around 2500 females have the same name. Strangely enough, I’ve met almost as many females named Micah as I have males.

It is also mispronounced or misspelled quite often, such as mee-ka and Micha respectively. It’s humorous that Micah and Michael are so closely related and yet frequently are pronounced differently.

Since I began this site, I have consciously and purposely left out any mention of my last name. Not once before now is my last name referred to in relation to me and I’ve done this out of privacy concerns. Time has taken its toll in the last five years of writing online and now the number one search result for my full name is this website. So, obviously, there is no secret and I have nothing to hide.

Cambre is 24851 most common last name with only about 1250 people total with this last name, which is .0005% of all US citizens. Although this name is quite often mispronounced and/or spelled wrong, it’s an uncommon surname and thus makes it unique. So together, my name Micah Cambre is quite a unique combination of first and last names.

Ever since I was a child, I have admired my first and last name. I’ve always believed it to be a name that would resonate with others because of its uniqueness. Neither name have become famous enough to penetrate the norm. So the combination of Micah and Cambre have made me quite proud to bear these names.

I’ve been asked several times in my life how I was named. The origin of my name is in the Old Testament of the Bible. There is a brief and lonely book near the end named Micah that has only 7 chapters. Because of my background and my name’s association with this book, most assume it was romantically inspired from this book of the Bible. Whether that’s true or not, the fact is that my dad’s youngest sister thought up my name and my parents liked it. That’s it.

individuality and little time left

Have you ever searched online for people with your same name? I was surfing the Yahoo network last night searching the directory of people with profiles and browsed all those Micahs that live out there. It’s pretty amazing to know that there are thousands of Micahs besides me. It’s not really a big issue until it becomes personal. See, I resumed classes last January with a new set of people along with some returning classmates from my first semester. As Professor Pritts began calling out the roll, he read my name (he keeps calling me Me-kah) and then followed it with the other Micah in my class. Yes, not only was there another Micah in not just one but all three of my classes last semester but he again is in two of my classes this semester. It’s almost an identity crisis that I’ve never had to face before. I’m the quiet one out of the two and so I have begun tuning out when people call out my name… Yeah, I can almost completely tune my name out; that’s certainly not good when now I’m half way to being deaf. You never realize how you’re an individual until your counterpart burdens your name. (I mean no disregard towards Micah as I’m sure he’s a great guy)

In other news, Thanksgiving is next week. This means I have 2 full weeks and 1 day of school left before finals. And my finals are both on Tuesday, Dec. 10th. I have 3-4 projects to work on, 3 papers to write and 2 notebooks to type up and turn in. So much to do in so little time. I believe I’ll be taking some homework with me to Thanksgiving if I’m able. Otherwise, it’s great that I’m not flying back to Texas because that’d be x amount of time that I’d have no choice but to spend. Now I can choose to drive back early to work on more assignments. God be with me through all of this.